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New Sensor Developments

VEGABAR series 80 - could it change the way you measure pressure ?

VEGA has completely re-engineered its VEGABAR pressure transmitter family and simplified them down to just three innovative model ranges; meaning it is now much easier for the user to choose their perfect instrument from this full range supplier of pressure technology.

These three transmitter variants can solve practically any process pressure application. VEGABAR 82 is the all-rounder: its ceramic measuring cell covers 60 to 70% of all applications. If high temperature and resistance is required, the VEGABAR 81, with its chemical seal assembly, is the first choice. And for very high pressures, VEGABAR 83 with its metallic measuring cell is recommended.
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PDT1005 Inclination Sensor
Many modern air suspension systems utilise an electronic level sensor that feeds back information to a central controller which in turn adjusts the pressure of the air below suspension units to equalise an off balanced load.
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LCM Systems take delivery of new 1500 tonne calibration test machine
LCM Systems, a specialist manufacturer of load measurement and instrumentation systems has recently installed a custom designed 1500 tonne calibration machine at its manufacturing facility in Newport, on the Isle of Wight. The addition of this machine to their calibration facilities means that all load cells, shackles and pins with capacities up to 1500 tonnes in compression, and 150 tonnes in tension, can be calibrated in-house. more info >>

New acoustic emission sensor for condition monitoring and preventative maintenance
The new Type 8152C Piezotron® sensor is ideal for monitoring acoustic emissions (AE) above 50 kHz on the surface of metal machines, structures and systems for preventative maintenance of rotating machines, monitoring cutting tools and press tools to detect signs of incipient failure and leakage monitoring of tanks, pipes and valves. more info >>

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